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to their homeland. that's one example. he spoke to the youth of israel. he talked about technology. he went to see a technological exhibit at the museum, to discuss the high-tech and innovation. so definitely someone was looking very well to what went wrong in the past four years and decided to just reverse everything and make sure all these mistakes are corrected. in these short three days in israel. >> and two rockets from dwas landed in southern israel about 40 miles from where president obama was today drawing his condemnation. obviously we can't know until and unless hamas claims responsibility for that. what's your best guest as to the message that those were sending while the president was in theater and the united states and israel were embarringing on such an important meeting? >> well, first we should mention that 40 miles sounds a lot in america but in israel it is pretty much the whole country. he was not that close to the range of the rockets. i think the mention of whoever accept these rockets wanted to convey, you're going to ramallah. you're going to talk to the palestinian authori
't. they are supposed to open their eyes to new technology but these google glasses may be taking it too far. the national average of gas is 3.59, unchanged from yesterday. 3.69, unchanged from yesterday. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. oo a prison escape out of the movies. they climbed on a rope hovering from a helicopter. the two inmates and the person involved were captured a short time later. louisiana governor bobby jindal involved in a car accident after an suv sideswiped the vehicle he was in. a state trooper driving a second suv suffered minor injuries after swerving to avoid the truck. the truck was ticketed for making an illegal u turn. >> the carnival legend limping home after more troubles. it is already on another vow ablg? anthony miller has more on the latest embarrassment for carnival crews. >> for many a trip buyered the legend turned out to be a legendary failur
and technology at a very high rate. in 2009, thanks partly to the stimulus, the u.s. investment matched the previous high at the space race at 2.9 of gdp. that amount of money being poured into public and private research. so we've come down a little because of the budget cuts already put in place and we've come down much more because of the sequester. that speaks exactly to what i was argue ewing in my special report. the federal government tends to either not really help or actively get in the way. in this inassistance it would be actively making things worse if it started. and theoretically neither party wants that. you hear the president say all the time that investments in scientific research are so important. and even on the republican side, there is an acknowledgement that this isn't the top of their list to cut. so hopefully we won't go ten years at the levels laid out in the sequester and those ill effects won't happen. if they did, it would definitely be damaging. >> i want to get this one in. you write from a competitiveness standpoint. you're expecting and you think it is ne
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but rather weather before that happens the regime's technological advancement make a point of no return strip the western powersability ability to interview screen. >> i think there is a misunderstanding about time. to make a weapon you need two things. you need enriched uranium of a critical amount and then you need a weapon. iran gets to an immunity zone when they get through the enrichment process. in our view. >> in our view, he said. now, netanyahu also said israel can never cede its right to defend itself even to the greatest of friends. shep? >> shepard: james rosen live tonight. thanks. did you hear what president obama said to the israeli prime minister netanyahu today? you have to listen closely. here it comes. we also subtitled it for you. >> it's good to get away from congress. meantime here at home congress is trying to prevent a government showdown or shutdown in this case. we will see how that's going. plus, police say a man took a 3-year-old boy hostage after pulling a woman off of a bus and killing her. we'll find out how the standoff ended next from the journalists of fox ne
's trip to the high-tech conference in israel where they're working on technology that is helping the paralyzed to walk again. >>> plus, a game changer for suburbia. phil lebeau is live in chicago. phil? >> sue, i had one, a lot of my friends had one, minivans. they used to be part of living in suburban america. those days are gone. what's replacing it? the wagon. that's coming up on "power lunch." [ male announcer ] every famous curve has an equally thrilling, lesser-known counterpart. conquer them with the exhilarating is 250. get great values on your favorite lexus models during the command performance sales event. this is the pursuit of perfection. redesigned site has this new score planner tool with these cool sliders. this one lets us know what happens if someone checks our credit. oh. this one lets us know what happens if we pay off our loans. yeah. what's this one do? i dunno. ♪every rose has it's thorn ♪just like every night ♪has it's dawn score planner is free to everyone. free score applies with enrollment in bret michaels slider still in beta.
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and use to screen technology. >> with all of the innovation on batteries and electric it is just available to create something that can accomplish this. it uses lithium batteries in the precio brushless boat motor without having to have been exposed propellers. you are totally safe to swim in it next to it. >> the charge is only one hour and will give you six models in the water. even craig sklar roof rack where it is a built-in solar power. you can charge on this on the way to the beach. it is lightweight. >> i quickly found that there were a lot of applications for search & rescue. and people were drowning and at that point if the project took on a new need i wanted to get this to market. >> this is from the kick starter anybody can invest in this and secure themselves. >> this represents an opportunity to show it to their public. give them the opportunity to get it out they're not only for recreation but also for search & rescue. gabe slate tech report >> if you'd like to connect with our tech reporter. you can follow gabe slate on facebook, or at-gabeslate on twitter. you can also send
blunt assessment of just how behind the party is when it comes to infrastructure, outreach, technology and messaging. it offers a series of recommendations. among them, spending $10 million on outreach to african-american, latino and younger voters. improving communication. connecting people to policies. >> focus groups described our party as narrow minded. out of touch. and, quote, stuffy old men. the report minces no words in telling us that we have to be more inclusive. i agree. and as president reagan said, our 80% friend is not our 20% enemy. we can be true to our principles without being disrespectful to those who don't agree with 100% of them. >> the report praises republican governors across the country but does not have much praise for the folks sent to d.c. saying, quote, the gop today is a tale of two par tis. one of them, the gubernatorial wing is growing and successful. the other, the federal wing, is increasingly marginalizing itself. stunning words there. acknowledging the drubing president obama's campaign gave the romney campaign in the area of technology. the report c
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're going to improve our technology, by the way, so that when our nominee comes in, they can build in right on top of that and be plug and play, ready to go as we saw with president obama. so it is a matter of what things can the party actually do, whether it is kind of trying to clean up some of the state parties where there are problems, where there are barriers to getting elected or trying to make sure the resources are there where you can to ensure your candidates will have what they need to get elected. >> but ultimately, jonathan, all that has to drive is a set of policies. >> yes, right. >> that adheres to somewhat in the neighborhood of 51% of voters. >> or 50.1%. from rush limbaugh to others with giant megaphones, they aren't ready to deal with where the nation is on marriage equality, reproductive issues. >> i also think on the republican party side they need to stop listening to rush limbaugh. it is such a joke he doesn't run the party. they're so terrified of him, so terrified of angering him or crossing him. they never stand up to him. let him call that wonderful girl a [bleep]
a dry erase marker. it shows how technology is creating a whole new waive of scams. keep your belongings safe in the hotel use the safe that's in the room. that's what it is there for. a lot of people forget they are in a hurry they run out all of them are behind. pack a door stop. if you want an extra layer of protection do that. >> something i am always very leery of that is streaming wi-fi. >> you show up at the cafe or airport terminal you are thinking this is great i am getting free wi-fi service here no hot spot no charges. there's someone on the other end who could be hacking into all of your information and intentionally leave that go network open. always use hot spot like the wi-fi and have it pass word protected. >> a lot of good deals seem to be found on social media but you should be aware of on-line booking scams. >> there are a lot of imposters out there lurking on the internet and using social media to catch your attention for a great deal. use reputable on-line travel agencies like travelocity that are a guarantee built in. trust your gut. if something sounds too good to
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to rise and shine. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you can do just that. with our visionary cloud infrastructure, global broadband network and custom communications solutions, your business is more reliable - secure - agile. and with responsive, dedicated support, we help you shine every day of the week. >>> bloomberg's not around. shoot, it's just pop with low-cal ice cubes in it. i hope that's okay. >> there's a few things we learned at this year's cpac. first, conservative love for sarah palin is sodas is alive and well. on one side you have the gop establishment, the same old members of the republican party like senator john mccain and house speaker john boehner. your typical candidate would be someone like mitt romney. then you have ted cruz and rand paul. it became clear at cpac that grassroots republicans are furious with the establishment's choice in political candidates. 88-year-old activist phyllis schlafly even called for a fight. >> the fight i'm asking you to engage in is between the establishment and the grassroots. the establishment has given us a wh
-through with the israelis and a lot of interesting developments on the growing economy here, the technology sector. we will have jeff goldberg and host of "meet the press" in the united states, david gregory and "meet the press" from here, dana weiss. we have a pretty jam-packed show. >> wonderful. andrea mitchell, thanks very much. >>> the white house is work, on shifting over side of its lethal drone program from the cia to the military. according to the "the wall street journal." the move would make the controversial program subject to international law. strikes would be undertaken with the consent of host governments, while many in washington believe the program will be more effective under the cia, the proposal reflects a growing consensus it needs to be on legal, sturdier footing. yesterday the senate kicked off hearings. senators on both sides expressed concerns over privacy. some members are mulling possible federal regulations. the faa estimates 30,000 drones could be flying in the u.s. skies in the next 20 years and richard haass is shaking his head. it's impossible to consider. >> i think t
on shaky grounds. they had a round of layoffs soon after the chief executive and chief technology officer and it has yet to complete even one production line. now the company is trying to raise money by selling some of the equipment and attempting to restructure nearly $200 million federal loan guarantee. despite the warning signs solo power managed to secure a $20 million tax credit from the state of oregon in september which sold for $13.5 million in cash. in all the state and local investment in solo power is $58 million. oregon officials say it is working saying the companies that received tax credits created 1300 direct jobs and 3,000 indirect jobs in the past six years. critics say the company can't compete with china's cheap costs without tax payer money. it should be going to important things like schools. they haven't met the bench marks required to draw on the $197 million federal loan guarantee. but it wouldn't say what the bench marks are or if the feds will lower the bar in order to help the company survive. >> diane macedo fox news. >>> still ahead, it is an american traditi
bunker buster technology they would need to severely degrade or damage the nuclear program. and it wasn't just that one remark. from the president of the united states and from the prime minister of israel heard repeated remarks about israel's right to defend itself. israel's right to act alone. the united states would not stand in their way, but of course, reinforcing the idea that the united states would act militarily if necessary, but the interesting point how, i think president obama made it, how perceptions can be different, israel can perceive a threaten more quickly, as an ext threat than we do and that the government netanyahu. >> this is what krauthammer was saying on special report. and sound bites. i think that bb kept repeating that to say that the president of the united states has given me the green light to attack if i think i have to. if i think time is running out. and he said that for an israeli is extremely precious. do you believe that's what happened between the two leaders yesterday, that president obama turned and netanyahu said, if you need to do it, do it we wo
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came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. >> dozens of the east bay vandalism a crook glued... the locks shut and a campus shutdown with the discovery of a dead body in florida. guns, ammunition also found. now at six. >> reporter: a new trial begins this week, allowing bicycles on bart trains all day long. non=bikers worried that the rush hour cars are going to get even more crowded. bart's solution: >> providig more space near the doors. at six. tonight's ride home could be a bit more difficult. with bikes on bart. some riders are frustrated. kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story. he's live at the embarcadero station in san francisco. j.r. you've spent most of your afternoon with bart riders underground. this stuff to make sense. it is crowded, there is no room. and getting a seat, forget that there is no room for people, much less buy eggs during
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. the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. charged with 8 counts of murder. seven babies pregnant woman. lawyer jack mcmahon says persecuted and prosecuted because is he black. joining us now from washington who are his cooper from the group projected 21, a conservative leadership network. i knew this was going to happen. you probably knew it was going to happen. this doctor if guilty stawnt to tell people what he allegedly did. >> this individual is accused of taking babies. six, seven, and eight morchts into term. having them born alive. and then taking sharp instruments and cutting their spines and their throats and then setting them aside. and, by the way, hiring teenagers to act as the anesthesiologist and other nurse assistants as well as keeping when the raid came some $250,000 worth of cash l
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indicator. keep in mind that hasn't happened since october 4. the big movener tech, mike ron technology, the best performing stock on the s&p tech index as well as the nasdaq 100. the company reported a quarterly net loss but they are getting the street excited. revenue and volume came in sharply higher year over year. multiple analysts, jeffrey's, you'll upping their price target on shares of mike ron, that stock up 60% year to date. simon, back to you. >> should mention shares of blackberry that are higher today as u.s. customers for the first time get their chance to get their hands physically on the new blackberry z-10 device. cnbc's jackie d'angelis is live in new york, just trying to gauge the degree of demand. where are we at the moment with that? >> hey, simon. well, close to the end of lunchtime here. only sold 12 phones at this location roughly so far. this is really a make-or-break moment for blackberry. looking to try to hit it out of park with the z-10 advice. i do have to say this device was available for pre-orders so a lot of people could be getting theirs in the mail ju
of, wants to use social technology to make your neighborhood a safer and happier place for you to live, and here is his power pitch. >> i'm nirav tolia. next door is the free private social network for the neighborhood. we all use social networks. facebook to connect to friends and family, twitter to follow people and topics that interest us, and linked in to manage our business lives. but what about that part of our identities that has to do with where we live? where our children go to school? our local communities? our neighborhoods? that's where next door comes in. using next door, neighbors create free and private websites where they can easily connect and communicate about the things that matter. already over 6,000 neighborhoods in 50 states are using next door to talk about straightforward things like organizing a block party or finding a great recommendation for a dentist to more personal things like asking for help in finding a lost pet to critical information like learning about a rash of break-ins or other things related to crime and safety. it's easy to get started.
. 18 of the top five ceos are a technology based organizations, including sap bill mcdermott and jim organizations, including sap b[ male announcer ]jim you think you know me. i'm just warm weather and beaches. but i'm so much more. i'm movie sets and studio tours. i'm family, museums, and world-class art. and that's the point. you'll see things here that you never expected. ♪ only be warned: there's so much to take in... it could leave your head spinning. los angeles. endlessly entertaining. plan your getaway at >>8:28 . beautiful live shot around san francisco. we see pretty much clear skies rid what are we in for this week. some changes? absolutely darya. we will need our rain gear. wet weather on tap for wednesday possibly tuesday night. most of us will be sleeping. as of now temperatures sitting in the '40's and low 50s. into the afternoon we're talking '60s possibly low seventies. a full of the forecast coming up in just a bit. >> in the meantime taking it to the traffic desk. a live look at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. modest weight. hard
. israel needs to reverse an undertow its isolation. given the march of technology, the only way to truly protect the israeli people over the long term is through the essence of war. no wall is high enough and no iron dome is strong enough or perk rid of this out every enemy that is intent on doing so from inflicting harm. (cheers & applause) the truth is more pronounced given the changes sweeping the world. i understand that with the uncertainty of the region, people in the streets, changes in leadership, the rise of non secular parties and politics. it is tempting to turn inward because the situation outside of israel seems so chaotic. this is precisely the time to respond to the wave of revolution with a resolve and commitment to peace. (cheers & applause) as more government's response a popular war, the dates were israel could seek peace simply with a handful of leaders are over. these will have to be made among peoples, not just government. (cheers & applause) no one, no single step can change overnight what lies in the hearts and minds of millions. no single step is going to erase y
dedicated fans are relying on technology to keep an eye on them all. basketball is everything for me, i grew up playing basketball. >> he played in college, but these days he's mostly watching on tv. >> the best part about march madness? (cheers & applause) all the assets. >> chris has service through 80 and see you birds which means he will not be missing a minute of the action. >> would be multi you i can watch for games at one time. >>uverse customers are going to get the best. they have the choice of a nexus that would, as those bidault or it can go fire, it is a great deal. >> my basketball skills are a little rusty. eventually, i got game. ♪ ♪ >> i had different programming in different states as well and you ours is the best and my favorite. --uverse >> we strive to make that technology the best and fastest it can be. >> i put my heart into every game, i will be cheering for them every step of the way. >> one of my favorite parts of the march madness web site is the you give it a quick and looks like your checking e-mail instead of watching the game. member to click back once your
if they are an invasion of privacy or harmless technology. sylvia wrote i think it depends on how the glasses are used. carl from little rock says glasses are no different from a cell phone which can instantly upload video or anything of the like so there is no invasion. or where is the invasion of privacy? kenny tweeted i think the google glasses are pretty cool. thanks to everyone who responded. we really appreciate it. have a great day. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. >> hello. good morning. it is monday, march 18. i'm filling in for gretchen this morning. another benghazi bombshell. one senator says that the survivors are being silenced. he knows because he says they told him so. hear from him straight ahead. >>steve: a hypocrisy alert. why members from one of the largest labor unions wants to strike against their labor union bosses. >>brian: anna kooiman is in search of honest people. this guy finds a phone on the sidewalk. should he return it? what should you do? "fox & friends" starts now. >>steve: live from studio e in the heart of midtown manhattan where it is two days till spring and
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-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. >> catherine: in national news. police have arrested two teenagers suspected in the shooting death of a baby in a stroller and injuring the baby's mother. the 17 and 14 year old boys will be charged with murder. the baby's mother talked about what happened. >> i was walking home from the post office and i thought i do not go out that much so i should take a walk. i was five minutes from my house. next to the blue house i always walk next to this street. a boy approached me and told me that you wanted my money. i told them i did have any money. and he said give me your money or i am going to kill you and
technology, all energy. why don't you mix it up. teach them over the long-term horizon and bonds are the iou from the government you'll get these things back. assuming that everything is status quo in the states not like in europe in cyprus taking the money out of the banks, but honestly, in the end this is the way to do it. teach the kids young, it seems basic, but it's a reminder and we're so busy running around with their things and basketball and their friends and birthday parties and when do we sit down and say to them. the last point, is teach them that this is now. don't you want that other thing that was $200 and sure you want this thing now? why don't we save this for later and try to make them hundred that patients and waiting for something that they really want instead of now, now, know you, i want, i want. >> and the bank can the is a great lesson, you need to think about it, be intentional and get your money for your purchase. thank you. they're never too young and these kids are a lot smarter than we think. they're smarting than me sometimes. they get it. i think to give them t
and in return students got to go to a science and technology program. one says it is down to the stark economics of state. take a listen. >> american public education has financial crisis. time for new revenue streams. superintendents are looking for ail tern it national revenue streams because they are been passing the buck on to it parents for too long. property taxes are down. it is time for new solutions. >> in different districts they allow company representatives to spend time in the classroom with the kids and pushes the corporation and its name directly at the kids. an increasing number of parents and activists are concerned this is a cynical ploy by corporations. >> the companies aren't doing this out of the goodness of their heart. they are doing it because they want to get that lifetime brand loyalty. i think that school districts really need to think about this. this isn't a donation. this is corporations looking to target children and so it is one thing to take a donation. it is another thing to say in return we are going to allow you to have access to students. >> strong arguments
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for a waiter's attention new technology is helping you serve yourself. >> by business partner werand i were a war it took a long time to get a beer. i thought why can i just walk up and for my own. >> these two road of an idea of a company called high pour in it. all they have to do is give their server a license. they will open up a tabloid workstation. the wrist band has a special wireless rfid chip inside. open the tab and you only pay for what you port. >> the system keeps track of the beer you drink about clinton announced. you can easily sample. >> i drank seven beers it cost me 50 bucks. i had seven beers today it cost seven. >> you can for your own beer. and for two bikes, you can sample beer, you do not have to wait for anyone to port. >> i pour it says the system can save bars money beer is better accounted for. >> i can find out what is trending in the marketplace to see what type of fails, beers or loppers are available. >>-- ales . >> this is a good record to keep what you drank heavy for remembering favorite. >> it is all about discovering new beers you may not try. and keepin
of standards and technology and the department of justice and we're going to have 30 people appointed to that starting soon. so some progress has been made but the real significance of dna, it's been a learning moment for the criminal justice system and we realize how riddled with error this system is in the first place. >> it feels like, if kirk didn't do it and was convicted on it, the problem isn't just missing dna test. it was all of these other pieces. i also heard you say the intractable problem of race. we can't talk about death penalty without talking about race. i want to make clear how important that particular al kem i is. it's not that african-american americans are more likely to get the death penalty. it has to do the victim and vic -- >> the victim in a murder, if they're white, you're for more likely to get capital punishment whether the defendant is black or white. that race effect has long been in place. there was a case that justice powell got off o the court and said he really made a bad decision in this mcincludes ki case. so many things would be different if he c
the government can pick winners in green energy and he still thinks that maybe we'll get the technology right to get green power in the future. wrong on all counts. we're so far failed with these green energy products. i think we've got a list of all the green energy project which is have really gotten into deep trouble, either bankrupt, laid people off, they've lost a ton of money. it's one after another. it's very, very long list. >> steve: what do you think it was about this particular solo power thing that the government said oh, we got to give them a bunch of dough? >> the government committed $197 million worth of loans to this company, which is not dipped into yet. they committed the money to them. this was back in the day when it seemed like solar panels would be the big sellers and the salvation of the solar industry. >> steve: that's why china makes them so cheaply. >> yes. however, the market has crashed. they're going for virtually nothing these solar panels. there is a glut on the market. the price has fallen through the floor. companies like solo power, and by the way, sun tech,
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